In ancient China,women’s outer garments were strictly governed by rank. In order to express their inner feeling and distinguish themselves from other women, the intelligent ancient women chose their underwear as the platform to express their feelings and exhibit their delicate craftsmanship and ingenious designs.



Basicly, there are two types of underwear: double-pieced and single-pieced. Underwears in different shapes like square-shaped, diamond-shaped, triangular-shaped,a semi-circle, the propitious ruyi style ("satisfactory") ,or modeled after nature, give different visual impressions and reveal the ingenuous creativity of ancient women.



The ancient women use color to distinguish their underwears from others. Some chose bright colors like red, green,yellow ,purple and combined them to make a sharp contrast while others preferred to generate an harmonious effect by combing bland colors: similar hues and gradual changes in color from light to dark.