Te Wei (特伟 Tè Wěi) was born in 22 August 1915 in Shanghai, died in 4 February 2010 in Shanghai was a Chinese animator. He is probably best known for the 1956 short animated film The Conceited General. From about 1960 his animation style was influenced by the painter Qi Baishi(齐白石 Qí Báishí). Not permitted to carry on his animation during the Cultural Revolution, Te Wei regained a position of artistic influence in the late 1970s and the 1980s with a series of animated films in painterly style.

The Conceited General
(骄傲的将军 jiāoào de jiāngjun), 1956
Where is Mama (小蝌蚪找妈妈 xiǎokēdǒu zhǎo māma), 1960
The Cowboy's Flute (牧笛 mùdí), 1963
The Golden Monkey Defeats a Demon(金猴降妖 jīnhóu xiángyāo),1985
Feeling from Mountain and Water (山水情 shānshuǐ qíng), 1988