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Learn Chinese L30: I'm returning home.

At a restaurant Dachuan invites Gao Qiang to eat "huoguo (hot pot)" and to say goodbye to him.
[1] Dialogues & Explanations
[2] Curtural tips

At a restaurant Dachuan invites Gao Qiang to eat "huoguo (hot pot)" and to say goodbye to him.
Dialogue One

jīn tiān wèi shén  me  qǐng wǒ chī fàn
今  天  为  什  么  请  我  吃  饭?
Why do you invite me to dinner today?
xiàng nǐ gào bié a
向   你  告  别 啊!
To see goodbye to you!
nǐ yào  qù  nǎr
你 要  去 哪儿?
Where are you going?
wǒ  yào huí guó le
我  要  回  国  了。
I'm to go back to my homeland.
nǎ tiān  zǒu wǒ qù  sòng nǐ
哪  天  走? 我  去  送  你。
When will you leave? I'll see you off.
xiè xie bú yòng sòng  le  nǐ nà me máng
谢  谢, 不  用   送  了,你 那 么  忙。
Thanks. You needn't see me off since you are so busy.

Dialogue Two

nǐ dài  hù  zhào le ma
你 带  护  照  了 吗?
Do you bring your passport with you?
dài le
带  了。
duō gēn  wǒ men  lián  xì
多  跟  我  们  联  系!
Keep in touch with us.
wèn hòu nǐ  de jiā rén
问  候  你  的 家 人!
Please give your family my regards.
zhù nǐ yí  lù shùn fēng
祝  你 一 路  顺  风!
Happy travels!
xiè xie dà  jiā zài jiàn le
谢  谢  大  家,再  见  了!
Thanks! Bye!
zài jiàn
再  见!

Explanation of difficult points

1. 请
Here it means "to invite somebody to do something".

2. 问候你的家人
"问候你的家人" (wèn hòu nǐ de jiā rén) means "to give your family my warmest regards". This sentence is always used when a person sees somebody off. "代表我" (dài biǎo wǒ) which means "on behalf of me" is omitted.

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