The top 10 historical and cultural celebrities of Xiangyang are: jade connoisseur Bian He of the Spring and Autumn Period, poet of the Warring States Period Song Yu, politician from the Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Xiu, litterateur from the Eastern Han Dynasty Wang Can, politician and militarist of the Three Kingdoms Period Zhuge Liang, historian from the Eastern Jin Dynasty Xi Zaochi, Buddhist scholar from the Eastern Jing Dynasty Shi Daoan, compiler from the Southern Dynasties Xiao Tong, poet from the Tang Dynasty Meng Haoran, and calligrapher from the Northern Song Dynasty Mi Fu.

The old and young Xiangyang is a famous historical and cultural city with a history of 1000 years. Cultural celebrities in history including Meng Haoran from the Tang Dynasty and Mi Fu from the Song Dynasty are closely attached to the city and created numerous popular poems and stories. Today, we marvel at the Top 10 historical and cultural celebrities of Xiangyang because we follow their tracks in the great realm of cultural achievements and react to their soul pulse. By inheriting the profound historical contexts and discovering abundant cultural treasures, we can carry forward the cultural spirit of contemporary people in Xiangyang and promote the construction of Cultural Xiangyang.