With the coming of Major Snow, people realize that it is the time for skiing! After 4000 years of evolution, skiing has become a popular recreational sport. People cannot resist the white temptation. With so many skiing resorts in Beijing, do you still worry there is nowhere to go skiing? The major ski resorts in Beijing are introduced as follows.

1, Shijinglong Ski
Features: After its transformation, it has the widest advanced and intermediate ski runs in Beijing. With its unique snow sauna and hot springs, you can enjoy warmth in the snowy winter days.

About the runs: the resort takes up 600 acres, capable of accommodating 5000 people. It has 7 runs. The advanced run is about 1000 meters and vertical drop is 300 meters. The maximum gradient is of 30 degreess, and the average is 16 degreess. The average width is up to 70 meters. The three intermediate runs are 600 meters in length with 135 meters vertical drop. The maximum gradient is of 28 degrees and the average is 14.6 degrees. The maximum width is 100 meters. The total length of the three beginner runs is more than 3000 meters with the average gradient of 2-to-6 degrees. It also has a boarder park for snowboarders.

Hardware facilities: The resort has two chair tramways, of which the double cable car is 500 meters long, and cable car for four is 900 meters. There are 5 rope tows and 2 ordinary rope tows, and the transmission capacity is 5000 persons per hour. The resort has 40 country-level coaches on staff. The parking area is 35,000 square meters, and the fast food restaurant can supply food for 500 people. The accommodations can accommodate more than 100 people per day.

Driving route: driving along the Badaling Freeway to the Yanqing County, and through the Longqingxia Road to the Huangbo Temple by the State Road 110, and then going west for one kilometer, you can eventually arrive there.

2. Yunfoshan Skiing Resort
Features: it occupies 450 thousand square meters, one of the largest and best equipped skiing parks in the north of China.

About the runs: There are a 1000-meter-long advanced run and three 300-to-700-meter-long intermediate runs, four 100-to-300-meter-long beginners’ runs, a 600-meter-long snowmobile run, and a 1.5-kilometer-long cross-county run.

Hardware facilities: It has a hall large enough for 3000 people to change skiing equipments and suits, and 2,500 square meters Chinese fast food restaurant which can accommodate 1,500 guests, a large parking lot for 800 cars, and a tramway which can transport 1800 passengers per hour.

Driving route: Turn left at Chengxi Bridge of Miyun County and drive for about 12 kilometers

3. Nanshan Skiing Holiday Resort
Features: The resort is circled by mountains and covered by pines and cypresses with abundant snow.

About the ski runs: The resort takes up more than 4000 acres. The total length of the 10 runs is 8000 meters. It has the first half pipe board run of international standard in China, a large board platform, rainbow bars and other facilities. In addition, it has opened up the only Mogul advanced run in the country and a snowmobile run for children, and four runs for recreation.

Hardware facilities: There are two tramways, nine rope tows and the first snow football field in China. The daily reception capacity is up to 8000 people and there are 5000 sets of equipment for rent, reception hall for about 6,000 square meters and 40 coaches.

Driving route: It is by the Yinyeling Mountain which is 62 kilometers away from Beijing and 3 kilometers away from Miyun County.