4. Huaibei International Skiing Park

Features: It is circled by the Great Wall and tourists could see the beacon tower at any point of the resort.

About the ski runs: The total area of the skiing park is about 9.6 square kilometers. During the snow season, the depth of the snow can reach one meter. The total length of the runs is 3800 meters, and there are an advanced run with 238-meter-long drop, two intermediate runs and four beginner’ runs. Hardware facilities: There are two tramways across the Great Wall and 6 rope tows among the mountains. It also set up a skiing school with French Ski Association, and more than 20 professional coaches work there. There are 800 parking spaces for customs.

Driving route: Drive along the Jingshun highway to the Huairou County and through the Fule County to the Yanqi Town, and then drive north to the Fangkou Village of Huaibei Town.

5. Xueshijie Skiing Park

Features: It is close to Beijing, only 30 minutes driving. There is safe but exciting snowmobile, snow flying saucer, dog sledding runs and Snow Parks for children.

About the runs: It takes up 500 thousand square meters, and the area of runs is 100 thousand square meters. There are an advanced run and an intermediate run, both 500 meters. For the beginners, there are 3 runs of international level for 380 meters long. There is also a 380-meter-long board run.

Hardware facilities: There are 3000 sets of skiing equipment, a 50,000-square-meter parking space and a 1000-square-meter service center for customs. There are thousands and thousands of square meters at this ski resort.

Driving route: drive north form the exit 13C of the Badaling Expressway, turn left at the crossing of Tailingyuan road, and drive for 800 meters.