6, Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort

Feature: The skiing park keeps the original woodland landscape and built an ecological hall.

About the runs: They take up 800 thousand square meters. There are two advanced runs, three intermediate runs, two beginners’ runs and sledding and snowmobile runs.

Hardware facilities: 60,000 square meter-large parking lot; 12,000 square meters of space for equipment; imported brand new skiing board.

Driving route: Drive to the Liangshan village of Zhang Town from the Shunping Road of the fifth north-ring road, and then drive southward for 500 meters.

7, Badaling Ski Resort
Features: Snow bungee jumping, snow sauna, ice engraving, glacier hiking adventure

About the runs: The total area of the resort is three million square meters, and the snow area is 180 thousand square meters. There are two 800-meter-long beginners’ runs, two 600-meter-long intermediate runs, an 800-meter-long advanced runs with 120 meters drop, two runs for snow flying saucer and a 2300-meter-long run for snowmobile.

Hardware facilities: More than 3,000 sets of ski facilities and a variety of professional ski equipment; 8,000 square meters of Nordic-style large-scale integrated service clubs with excellent leisure and entertainment facilities; well-known professional coaches give guidance to customers.

Driving route: go out from the Badaling exit of the Badaling Expressway, turn left from the exit of the parking lot, and drive west for about three kilometers.

8, Jundushan Ski Resort

Features: The obstacles are thrilling and the cross-county snowmobiles run through the mountain and valleys.

About the runs: Among the seven international level runs, the relative drop of the 1000-meter-long advanced runs is 238 meters.

Hardware facilities: It covers an area of nearly 2,000 acres, and has 140,000 square meters of snow area. There are 5,100 square meters of comprehensive service facilities in this ski resort, a double cable car with a fabulous transmission capacity of 3500 people per hour, and 8 special runs for dragging equipment. It has stores and supporting facilities for more than 5000 square meters and more than 3100 sets of imported skiing equipment. There are over 30 professional coaches there. The reception capacity ranges from six to ten thousand per day.

Driving route: go out from the Xiaochangshan exit of the Badaling Expressway and drive east along the Jingmi approach channel, and turn north at the guidepost.