5. Kingdom of Snowmen

The Kingdom of Snowmen is for children. It is composed of snow caves and small squares. Children can play in the caves and build snow castles in them. There is also a snowman factory for children to make their own snowmen with their names and wishes on it. The snowmen will be kept till next spring, while they will stay in the children’s memories.

6. Snowball Fight Championship

The Snowball Fights Championship was set in Japan in 1989. During the 20 years since then, it has been spread to the world and admitted by most countries. It is a comprehensive game.

7. Snow maze

It takes up 800 square meters and large-scale help to create the magnificent landscape of the home field.

8. Slideway for children

The slideway is a very popular outdoor entertainment for children. It is free for the children and could help them build climbing capacity and courage.

9. Magic Cube

"Magic Cube" will realize the dream of playing in air for children. They can do their best to pass through according to the designers’ lines, take the challenge and learn outdoor skills in games.

10. Sledding Square

People will enjoy the fun of sleds at the sledding square, opened separately.

11. Chocolate houses

In the chocolate houses, people can design the style of their chocolate, jelly pudding and other desserts.

12. The snow mine warfare

It started in Europe and now it’s popular all over the place. People who participate in it will experience the strength of the team and understand the meaning of teamwork forevermore.

13. “Fight For Victory” (bu bu wei ying)

“Fight For Victory at the Bird’s Nest” was a sports program of the BTV sports channel. Everyone, who thought that he had talent, wonderful life stories or dreams could participate.