1. Skiing

In this season, there will be advanced runs and beginner’s runs set up in the warm-up field of the Bird’s Nest. Professional coaches will be invited to teach.

2. The cage Soccer (P.K.O)

The Bird’s Nest will provide field for the snow football, and there also will be a snow football Championship.

3. Board Park

The MINIPARK of the Bird’s Nest is a park featuring a combination of avant-garde style, exciting games, ultimate performance and entertainment. It has separate areas for performance, party activities and fashion shows. It will also provide training for beginners.

4. Flying sleigh

The outlook and quality of the run for the flying sleigh have both been improved. It is 20 meters long, and 3.5 meters wide, with a 22 meter slope. It will bring tourists a pleasant experience.

5. Curling Challenge

Curling requires teamwork, and every member of the team plays his special role. It is also a good sport for body building. Curlers will get exercise as they have fun.

6. Snowmobiles

Many tourists may like to ride on the cool snowmobiles and drive in several circles.