Danba: Colorful Autumn
Autumn comes to Danba of Sichuan, the county of a thousand forts, in November. In December, it enters a deep autumn, when the forest turns colorful. The village houses are built by the hills, in beauteous hues of red, black and white. The walls of the houses also are decorated by the yellow corn hung on the ropes and red pepper on the eaves. The Jiarong Tibetan villages are located under the green trees, and form a poetic rural landscape with the forest, river, farmlands and ancient forts. Imagine, on a lazy fall afternoon, waking on the road of the Tibetan village and enjoying a bowl of buttered tea, watching the prayer banner fluttering in the breeze, and the strong Kham men and beautiful Kham women passing by.

Travel tips: The four seasons of Danba are distinct. With Danba’s abundant sunshine, the average temperature here is 14 degrees Celsius. This mountain has attitude; “there are four seasons in one mountain.” Thus it’s better to bring more clothes when you are travelling in Danba. You could live in the home of the Tibetan, and the host will introduce some funny places for you.