After the first day of Major Snow, Chinese people prepare for the heavy snow. They make sure to keep warm inside and outside the house and prevent chilblain on their skin. There is a folk saying in the north of Shandong that goes: “against the gates with the stone roller, sweet potato porridge is the only food.” In ancient times, people would no longer drop around, so they closed the door and stayed at home. In the winter, there was no food but sweet potatoes, they had sweet potatoes all day along. Of course, after the snow, people would go out to enjoy the scenery or make snowmen. During the first day of Major Snow, the day is shorter while the night is longer in the northern hemisphere, hence the saying, “In Minor and Major Snow, the cooking is endless all day.” In other words, the day is so short that the housewives had to prepare for the next meal immediately after the first one. In fact, in northern China, people would cut down to two meals that day. On the west coast of Taiwan, it is the season of cooking lamb. Thus it would be served on the table.