In a recent interview, Cameron said he is looking forward to traveling by rapid rail during his visit.
In October, London Mayor Boris Johnson took a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and described it as "amazing".
"I am very interested in what's happening with high-speed rail in China," Cameron said. "It seems to be an absolute high-speed revolution taking place."
Cameron last visited China in 2010, but he hasn't yet been to Shanghai, which he will cover this time around.
When it comes to Chinese food, Cameron said hotpot in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is what he most wants to eat during this visit.
"I met with some British students who are studying Mandarin in a British primary school this week," he said. "I asked the teacher which of all the places I was visiting was the most important place to eat, and she recommended the Chengdu hotpot."
"I will make sure when I am in Chengdu that I will have hotpot," Cameron said, smiling.
Cameron also suggested that Chinese people visit Britain, as well as Europe's 25-country Schengen region. The region offers unrestricted travel across borders.