I would cheer that I want to stay forever at the Three Gorges(三峡Sānxiá) if I got only one single expression of my emotion; I would present all my praise and love to the Three Gorges with all respect.

The people of Three Gorges show me their absolute austere friendship. Between mountains and waters, it looks like a landscape painting. Traditional stilted architectures, mysterious ancient sailing boats and covering ships silently stand, while young girls are washing clothes beside the river…

Here, you can appreciate mountains’greatness and waterfalls’magnificence, taste water’s gentle and caves’mystery –natural extreme miracles.

Primitive beauty; desolation; delicate sceneries; vigorous(a vigorous person does things with great energy and enthusiasm. A vigorous campaign or activity is done with great energy and enthusiasm) spirit.

White wall, black tile and paved roads; little bridge, flowing water and stilted building; withered vine, old trees and faint crows; machine gun, fort and waste trench – what I saw made a strange but unique scene. I want to stay there and embrace all the factors that arouse my unspoken need – something that I really want but unable to describe.

I dreamed of her frequently and every time my passion just frankly burst out – I need to go back there.

In my dreams, she was a young girl with a red-thread-woven ball in hands, dancing and singing only for me. She came close, handed a cup of tea to me, visional but amiable(someone who is amiable is friendly and pleasant to be with).

The Chinese literature about Three Gorges area – poets propagate the spirit and soul with their spiritual wisdom. In the city I live, I read about her, and it feels like I am personally on the scene.