Multicolored Beach(五彩滩Wǔcăitān) is located in the north of Burqin County, Altay City, Xinjiang, which is also the only way must be passed to the Habahe County and Kanas.

'Color Palette Overturned by God' – This classical slogan properly summarized the image of Multicolored Beach in my heart. With a river traverses the whole region, two different worlds are presented with surprisingly sceneries – it is the best way I can explain. Violent river striking and wind erosion made the north bank a cliff-style Yadan landform.

Rock stratums of the surrounding land possess strong or weak ability of resistance to weather, thus the outline is irregular, and different mineral substances reflect various colors, by which it’s well-known as 'Multicolored Beach'. It is considered as the most beautiful Yadan landform of Xinjiang(新疆Xīnjiāng). Yet its south bank is boundless forest with winding peaks and Gobi desert(戈壁滩gēbìtān) in the distance.

Standing in a higher place and looking downward in the setting sunshine, you will find uneven rocks in fresh red and yellow, mysterious blue and pruple, clean white and etc, setting each other off. It seems like God carelessly overturns his color palette and immediately changes the world into another one filled with gorgeous appropriately combined shadow and colors, which makes the Multicolored Beach more delicate and charming.

Millions years of geological changes carved the Multicolored Beach into all kinds of fantastic appearances: castle, temple, canyon, ravine and etc. The magical nature acts as the Michelangelo and Leonardo.

Bright color and fantastic landforms – Multicolored Beach presents us with a huge picture painted by God.

Sceneries of Multicolored Beach differ by a day’s morning, noon, and evening. In the morning, in the bright sunrise, it looks like a sainted angel under the absolute blue sky and turns into an angry bird in the noon.

Sunset is the moment when the Multicolored Beach wears the most beautiful appearance – a world of color and beauty, light and shadow.

21 o’clock in the evening, the sun was still hanging in the sky. The strange scene: one half serene skies and the other dim ending of the sunset.

The unmatched(if you describe something as unmatched, you are emphasizing that it is better or greater than all other things of the same kind) beauty brought me with wonderful visual and mental experience. It will stay forever in our memory.