Qinghai Lake: sea in the heart of the land 

The Qinghai Lake(青海湖Qīnghǎihú), literally translated The Clear Lake is located in Qinghai Province; it is China's largest and highest landlocked salt-water lake sitting at 3,195 meters above sea-level and covering an area of 4,583 square meters, with an average depth of above 19 meters. The lake itself has many estuaries and outlets including The Ganzi River, Shaliu River, Black Horse River and Buha River. Qinghai Lake is famous for its abundance of fleshy, strongly-flavored carp with is caught and barbequed freshly on the edge of the banks of the lake. There are several islands dotted throughout the lake, most of which are home to unique birdlife, hundreds of thousands of wild birds flock to Qinghai Lake in spring.

Kanas Heritage Area: color palette of god 

The Kanas Heritage Area lies within a region full of mystery and myth, stories go that within this heritage region there a monster that lives within the lake, as well a fairy princess that lives within a secret cabin hidden somewhere within the wilderness. Light fog and smoke emanating from the chimney mesmerizes unaware travelers and prevents them from living Kanas! May is an ideal time to visit this beautiful untouched paradise with the aroma of spring still thick in the air.

Kanas is so unique in China because it captures so many different ecosystems into one large region, different parts of bordering onto Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia all can be found within the area and large Siberian Pine Trees grow. The fauna and flora that exist here are largely unique to this region and cannot be found anywhere else, drawing noted botanists and zoologists from across the globe to study the unique environment.

Kanas in Mongolian translates as an area of profound beauty shrouded in obscurity, and its location in the very northern county of Xinjiang in far north China ensures that it is obscure. Lake Kanas itself is fed by the runoff from several large glacial mountains that surround it, including the amazing friendship peak; the water flowing into the lake is a stunning clear blue which contrasts to the lush green virgin forests that surround it. The lake is located on the plateaus of Xinjiang 1374 meters above sea-level and reaches a depth of over 180 meters at its deepest point.

One of the most incredible sights available to visitors to Kanas is the sight of a full or waxing moon hanging over the lake casting its perfect reflection in the lakes still waters and breathing in the still fresh air of wild, untouched China.

The inhabitants of Kanas are mostly Mongolian and believe that this lake has an incredible spiritual significance as well as being the source of their livelihood. The people here do not search for modernity they are content with a simple subsistence existence that includes herding sheep, living in simple wooden huts and washing in the lake, they are known by people as the people who "live within the scenery".