The bus left at about 10AM and the time on the bus was good for me because one of our guests, Guenter, came with us to Yangshuo. He is at 71 old years old but is a man of incredible energy, we had a great talk during the driving, he was in crazy love of traveling, especially in traveling by bike. He is informed and knows many things and languages which helped me a lot to better understand him and the world outside. It would be a busy two days, so some of my colleague were resting in the bus.

We arrived in Yangshuo after one hour and more and after the check-in to the new west street hotel and the simple lunch; we started our works at noon.

We had 4 members in my group and our main target was having a brief investigation to the hotel in some assigned roads in and around the county center in Yangshuo(阳朔Yángshuò). We introduced ourselves to those hotel staffs, enquired them for basic but detailed information about the hotels, we checked the rooms and had photos of their supplements and environments, exchanged cards and the investigation was played very well.

Our worked was done during the hottest time in a day, inevitably(if something will inevitably happen, it is certain to happen and cannot be prevented or avoided), everybody felt tired and thirsty but fortunately, we found many hotels very cheap but with good rooms in it, most of them were not commonly listed or even known on the internet, we will surely list them out and introduce the best ones to our customers in the near future.

The September was the high season for tourism, domestic and foreign friends can be seen everywhere. It was quite often to see guests enquiring at the hotel reception desk or searching their interested things all alone the street.

We visited the Aiyuan hotel and Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel in the afternoon. Which attracted me most was the Aiyuan hotel, it was really great. With only hundreds of RMB, foreign fiends can enjoy such a perfect hotel. How I admired them, lol. With wooden rooms and special decoration, the 3 star Aiyuan looks much better than a 4 star one! With 5 floors and over 70 rooms at different prices, the hotel is perfect in my opinion. I felt honored that it had been our recommended 3 star hotel in Yangshuo for so long. It is located beside the entrance of the west street; I guess the only drawback(a drawback is an aspect of something or someone that makes them less acceptable than they would otherwise be) for this hotel is natured, that is the sunlight burns one side of the walls and make the room and the balcony hot. But it is no problem to stay in this comfortable hotel because the air-condition and the elevator makes Aiyuan hotel a perfect one compared to other 3 star hotels in Yangshuo. So do you want to try it by your own? Just do it, it is absolutely worthy!