I am a new-comer, everything to me is strange. But I am full of confidence that I have the ability to stay here. There goes an old saying, 'Skill and confidence is an unconquered(not conquered) army.' All the staff here is easy-going, kind-hearted, hospitable, and beautiful, and the most important, they all with high comprehensive quality and ability. When you have faith in others, you will get the trust. It turned to be true that the staffs are knowledgeable, specialized, and the most important thing was that I saw their spirit and enthusiasm, everyone is hard-working. I can see that they love their work. The working environment(工作环境gōngzuò huánjìng) is spacious and bright. The atmosphere is harmonious and relaxing. You have enough space to indulge your imagination. Everyone needs a suitable environment to make fullest use of their ability, while working under restriction will be an obstacle to ones work.

It was just on the first day that I was surprised. After being seated, I heard fluent spoken Japanese and English. This astounded me. I had the chance to listen to Chinese(中国人Zhōngguó rén) who can speak foreign language fluently. As a college student with the keenness to foreign language, I adored them with respect. Later I found that the colleagues in other Divisions are of the same ability, and the people in other divisions have their own specialized ability. This made me feel inferior. I feel the importance of being specialized. They are experienced with years of hard working in this field. And that is the talent. That is talent that the society needs. I know English, but that is not enough, it is only a tool, if I want to find an excellent place in the society I should master other techniques and strive to learn what I can learn. I swear, from this time on, I will make a good plan and strive to master Japanese and continue to strengthen my oral English.

My work was about E-commerce(电子商务diànzǐ shāngwù). I learned how to make reply in a forum and to exchange links with others as well as other skills. Problem comes from working, while working you could come across many problems, and that’s also the source of experience. In order to make the other site linking to our websites, and make it known to all over the world, we exchange links by using the content we reply in the forum of some famous websites. In the forum the destination and travelogue are where I need to make reply in. I guess that travel agencies or the travel related institutions are finding their chances here. And in order to exchange links with others, the first thing I need to do was to search good quality website, and then write letters to ask for exchange. Of course, sometimes we receive some letters asking us for exchange. From this, I learned to write business letters in reality for the first time.