Raw materials for dry-fried yellow eel: eels;

Dry-fried yellow eel ingredients: celery, garlic, onion, pepper, chilli, pixian broad bean paste with;

Dry-fried yellow eel approach:

1. eel slices, wash blood (fresh eel blood is actually great nutritional value, is enriching top grade, but generally in the market to buy kill the good may not health). Cutting celery, onion alternate.

2. dry chili pepper (according to your own taste) 12, garlic, ginger, pepper moderation. Pixian watercress alternate.

3. oil burning eight mature, dry Chili, garlic, ginger, pepper and fragrant pixian watercress burst.

4. cut down the eel, quick fried 1-2 minutes, eels discoloration.

5. add celery and onion and stir fry 2 minutes by the fire. Salt pot from a plate.

6. finished products, simple home cooking. 

Warm Tip:

Enjoy this dish more chew head, a little spicy and slightly; moisture is stir-frying dried eels.

Eat healthy:

People love to eat eels in the South, not only for its meat tenderness and its nutritional value is very high. Eels who have a mucus, such mucus is the combination of proteins and polysaccharides of viscosity, it can not only promote the absorption of proteins.

Food taboos:

Eels should not be dogs, dogs with fresh blood, pumpkin, spinach, and jujube.

Eels + spinach = diarrhea

Eels + dogs = easy to put fire and the relapse

Eels + pumpkin = nature grams