It’s a story about Chang E flies to the moon(嫦娥奔月Cháng'É-bēnyuè).It is said that one year in ancient times, there appeared 10 suns in the sky, and every drop on the earth was melted away under such heat. As a result, the civilians couldn't make a living any more.There was a hero named Hou Yi (后羿Hòu Yì)who was good at shooting, so he shot down the extra 9 suns and was admired (尊敬zūnjìng) by all the civilians in the country. In order to award him, Heavenly Queen Mother gave him a pouch filled with elixir of life, and he gave it to his wife Chang E (嫦娥Cháng É)  who was very beautiful and kind-hearted. But all of this was seen by Peng Meng, who was very treacherous(奸诈jiānzhà)  and harbored evil intentions (心术不正xīnshùbúzhèng). He threatened Chang E with a sword to get the elixir of life. Under this circumstance, Chang E ate the elixir of life without any hesitation(当机立断dāngjīlìduàn)  and flew to the moon.After hearing the news that Chang E flew to the moon and become a fairy, all of the civilians put the incense burners under the moon to ask for the kind lady's blessing. From then on, the custom of appreciating the moon (赏月shǎngyuè) on the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival is spreading gradually among people in the country.

Today, people also like to appreciate the moon and eat moon cakes in their backyard with their family members on Mid-Autumn Festival.


  1. 嫦娥奔月Cháng É bēnyuè
  2. 后羿Hòu Yì
  3. 尊敬zūnjìng
  4. 嫦娥Cháng É
  5. 奸诈jiānzhà
  6. 心术不正xīnshùbúzhèng
  7. 当机立断dāngjīlìduàn
  8. 赏月shǎngyuè