Q&A of Premier Li in 2014 Two Sessions 6: We will talk about the "streamlining administration and delegating power".

1、简政放权 streamlining administration and delegating power

2、落到实处 be fully implemented

3、给企业松绑 loosen the straitjacket over enterprises

4、让市场发力 let the market play a strong role

5、激发市场活力 boost market dynamism

6、新注册企业 newly registered private businesses

7、不管了 stay out of everything

8、坑蒙拐骗 cheating and swindling of marketplace

9、假冒伪劣 making and selling of fake or substandard goods

10、侵犯知识产权 violation of intellectual property rights

11、蓄意污染环境 polluting activities

12、违背市场公平竞争原则 obstruct fair market competition

13、避重就轻 a perfunctory attitude

14、中间梗阻 midway obstruction

15、最后一公里不通畅 power delegation getting stuck in the last mile

16、调动千千万万人的积极性 to mobilize the initiative of all sides

17、为中国经济的发展不断地注入新动力 add new impetus to the growth of the Chinese economy

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