Why call this farm dish(农家菜nóngjiā cài)? Because of all you can eat chiken from chicken run in the city. However, you can eat free-range chicken in the farm. So more and more cities will definitely want to eat this when they go to the farm. My father love this dish very much. I often cook this for him. Now almost all of the mushrooms by the artificial cultivation,but Hazel Mushroom is also wild. Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and amino acids. But also anti-cancer.

Hazel is a mushroom of white mushroom fungus food section. Hazel wild mushroom in northeast China is one of the unique treasures of the mountains, is a very small number can not be one of the artificial cultivation of edible fungi.

Hazel mushroom(榛蘑zhēnmó) contains a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins, regular consumption can enhance the body immunity, puzzle happy and other light effects.

Regular consumption of wild hazel mushroom, dry skin, and resistance to certain diseases, respiratory and digestive tract infection, the efficacy of mushroom Hazel also not limited to, to prevent its vision loss, night blindness is also the effect that if you are always sitting in the computer Former work, I suggest you eat at Hazel mushroom, help protect the eyesight of the eye; At the same time, Hazel mushroom cultivation can be used to expensive medicines ─ ─ Tianma, that is, in the artificial cultivation of Gastrodia in its symbiotic relationship to enhance the quantity and quality of Tianma, with the same Gastrodia active Jiemin, Zhuanggu gluten, such as the sedative effect of the Polysaccharide with anti-radiation, the promotion of hematopoietic(pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells) function, immune function, inhibiting tumor growth, such as pharmacology(pharmacology is the branch of science relating to drugs and medicines) and the health effects.