The Soldiers Acrobatic Troupe under the Guangzhou(广州Guǎngzhōu) Military Command won awards for Jumping Through Hoops on the Ground, Diabolo Playing and Two-Person Pole Climbing in international competition during the 1980s. During the 1990s, the troupe captured the Clown d'Or for its Two-Person Bowl Balancing Act performed at the 17th Festival International du Cirque Monte-Carlo, as well as the President of the Republic of France Award for Juggling Rugs with the Feet at the Fourth Festival Mondial du Cirque de I'Avenir and the President of the Republic of France Award for Big Springboard Stunts by Women at the 15th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.

Rhapsody in Silver(银yín), which is perhaps one of the best routines created by the troupe in recent years, won a gold medal at a competition in Paris in January 1995. The troupe also won the Princess Christina Cup, the top prize, at the first World Acrobatics Festival and Circus for Women in Stockholm in April 1995 and the first prize at the Fourth National Acrobatic Competition held in Shenyang in September the same year.

The Guangzhou Soldiers Acrobatic Troupe created Rhapsody in Silver to celebrate the convening of the Fourth World Congress for Women held in Beijing in 1995.

The collective act, based on traditional acrobatic art, includes various movements similar to those in gymnastics. Performers must possess good jumping and balancing skills, as well as exceptional leg and waist strength and excellent handstand techniques. Generally speaking, this particular routine was performed by men of great strength, with only one young lightweight female acrobat involved in the performance. The routine consists of a series of highly difficult movements that show the unlimited potential of men's strength and ability and reflects their lofty sentiment and the spirit of constantly forging ahead.