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  • [Food] Goat Meat 羊肉宴

    A big bowl of goat meat and spicy goat blood soup, loaded with hot yang energy to warm people up. 一大碗羊肉和辛辣的山羊血汤,充满热能量给人们温暖. Yáng

    2014-03-19 18:00:00+0800
  • [Food] Cooking with TCM 药膳

    In traditional Chinese medicine, it's not necessary to swallow a bitter potion to stay healthy and boost energy in winter. 在中医学里,在冬天要吞下苦药来保持健康和促进能源是不必要的。

    2014-03-06 13:23:31+0800
  • [Food] TCM Treasures 中医的珍宝

    Yi mu caom, which is TCM Treasure, grows in many parts of the country and flowers in summer. 中医的珍宝--益母草,生长在乡村的许多地方,并且它是在夏天开花。

    2014-03-05 17:13:59+0800