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  • [Classics] The teachings of Mengzi 孟子学说

    As a Confucian philosopher, Mengzi held in high esteem virtues that he called the "four principles" (siduan 四端), namely kindheartedness (ren 仁), appropriate behaviour (yi 义), etiquette (li 礼

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  • [Classics] The book Mengzi

    The Mengzi 孟子 "Master Meng" is a collection of stories of the Confucian philosopher Meng Ke 孟轲 (385-304 or 372-289 BCE, latinized as "Mencius") and his discussions with rulers, disciples and

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  • [Customs] Master Meng Ke

    Master Meng was an adherent of the Confucian tradition transmitted by Zisi 子思 (Kong Ji 孔伋), a grand-son of Confucius(Kongzi 孔子), and lived in the mid-4th century BCE (the dates range from 3

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