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  • [Travel] Beijing's New Attraction--Hutongs 北京新特色--胡同

    Hutong in Beijing is a famous place around world and have a long history in China.And it has attracted more and more overseas visitors recent years.北京胡同是有着很长历史的著名的地方,并且最近几

    2013-11-05 09:00:00+0800
  • [Travel] Cave Dwellers 穴居人

    On a freezing winter's day warmed by the sun we arrived at the peasant house of six stone caves which was our goal in Northern Shaanxi Province on the vast loess plateau.在一个寒冬的阳光的温暖下

    2013-11-04 09:00:01+0800
  • [Travel] Screen Wall 照壁

    Foreign visitors may have noticed the isolated wall either outside or just inside the gate of a traditional Chinese house to shield the rooms from outsiders' view. Known as a "screen wall" in Eng

    2013-11-03 09:00:01+0800
  • [Classics] Huabiao 华表

    Today I'd like to make an introduction of Huabiao, which used to be made of wood, hence their other name--Huabiaomu. 今天我们来介绍华表,华表曾经是用木头做成的,因此它也有另一个名字--华表木。

    2013-11-02 09:00:01+0800
  • [Classics] Pailou 牌楼

    Today let's take a brief introduction of paillou. The pailou, also known as paifang, is an archway of a memorial or decorative nature.今天我们来介绍牌楼。牌楼,又名牌坊,是一个纪念或装饰性的拱门

    2013-11-01 09:00:01+0800
  • [Travel] Siheyuan 四合院

    Today I'd like to make an introduction of siheyuan--the symbol of traditional building in China. 今天我们来介绍四合院--中国传统建筑的代表。

    2013-10-31 09:00:00+0800
  • [Classics] Pavilions 亭

    Today I'd like to make an introduction of Pavilion, one of the most amazing traditional architecture in China. 今天我们来介绍中国最美的传统的建筑物之一--亭子。

    2013-10-30 09:00:00+0800