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  • [Customs] About Porcelains reveal five ways to color history

    The Qing Dynasty was an era of ceaseless war. Both official and private kilns(a kiln is an oven that is used to bake pottery and bricks in order to make them hard) were unused until the middle of

    2016-05-25 10:09:55+0800
  • [Customs] About Zhu Rong

    Zhu Rong is the God of Fire in the ancient Chinese mythology(mythology is a group of myths, especially all the myths from a particular country, religion, or culture).

    2016-05-25 10:09:55+0800
  • [Customs] About Taotie

    Taotie is a mysterious(someone or something that is mysterious is strange and is not known about or understood) monster in the ancient Chinese mythology.

    2016-05-25 10:09:54+0800
  • [Customs] About God of Kitchen

    The God of Kitchen, commonly called "Gentleman Kitchen", "Grandfather Kitchen" or "King of Kitchen", is a God in charge of eating in China's ancient mythic(someone or something that is mythic exi

    2016-04-25 10:09:52+0800
  • [Customs] God of Silkworm

    In the very ancient time, a man went on a long journey and left a beautiful daughter and a horse at home. When the father was not in, the daughter would keep the horse as a company and fed it wit

    2016-04-25 10:09:51+0800
  • [Customs] The Goddess of Wu Mountain

    Wu Mountain, the east gate of Chongqing Municipality(an urban district having corporate status and powers of self-government) of the China, is the only route to visit the Three Gorges of the Yang

    2016-04-25 10:09:50+0800
  • [Customs] About Tai Sui

    Tai Sui is one of the few demon gods of divinities(means a god or goddess) in Chinese folk culture and people tend to shy away from him.

    2016-04-25 10:09:49+0800
  • [Customs] Door Gods of China

    In former times, door gods of China were divinities Taoists(an adherent of any branch of Taoism) and common people believed to guard doors, as well as portraits of door gods for posting on doors.

    2016-03-25 10:09:48+0800
  • [Customs] Gong Gong

    Gong Gong is the God of Water in the ancient Chinese mythology and also believed to be the descendant(someone's descendants are the people in later generations who are related to them) of the Yan

    2016-03-25 10:09:46+0800
  • [Customs] The Chupu Game

    Chupu is an ancient chess game played in the China. It is so named because the dice used in the original game were made of the simaruba.

    2016-03-25 10:09:43+0800
  • [Customs] About Picassos of Pottery

    It's a general consensus that abstract painting is a style considered as the Western, first practiced by twentieth-century artists such as Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, also antithetical to t

    2016-03-25 10:09:42+0800
  • [Customs] Moulding Earthenware Technique in Xinjiang

    Among the pottery(you can use pottery to refer to pots, dishes, and other objects which are made from clay and then baked in an oven until they are hard) in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region o

    2016-03-25 10:09:41+0800
  • [Customs] Wall Vase of the Qing Dynasty

    Wall vase first appeared in the Wanli Period(万历年间Wànlì niánjiān), Ming Dynasty. People hung it on their walls or on the bedside pillars(a pillar is a tall solid structure, which is usuall

    2016-03-25 10:09:40+0800
  • [Customs] About Milk and calcium do the body good

    Recent disputes about the quality standards of domestic(domestic political activities, events, and situations happen or exist within one particular country) milk have made many people think twice

    2016-03-25 10:09:36+0800
  • [Customs] A liquor-laden tradition: The Chinese picnic

    With March’s lingering chill finally banished and before the scorching summer truly begins, April’s spring awakening offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature by venturing out for

    2016-03-23 11:32:53+0800
  • [Customs] About Good food for good eyes

    Best source of lutein and zeaxanthin which are especially important in preventing macular degeneration(the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or es

    2016-02-25 10:09:35+0800
  • [Customs] Foods that drive away summer heat

    It’s natured, sweet and cold, good for clearing heat, resolving thirst, nourishing(to nourish a person, animal, or plant means to provide them with the food that is necessary for life, growth, a

    2016-02-25 10:09:34+0800
  • [Customs] All-veggie diet has too much yin and lacks yang

    THOUGH eating costly meat and fish was once a symbol of wealth(wealth is the possession of a large amount of money, property, or other valuable things.

    2016-02-25 10:09:34+0800
  • [Customs] Chinese forest frog

    Chinese forest frog is called Hashima in the Man Nationality language. Because its meat is as delicate as chicken, it is renamed(if you rename something, you change its name to a new name) frog.

    2016-02-25 10:09:31+0800
  • [Customs] Please using the tiny green bean

    Li Shizhen, a pharmacologist(someone trained in the science of drugs (their composition and uses and effects)) in the Ming Dynasty, identified medical functions of mung beans and recorded them in

    2016-02-25 10:09:31+0800