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  • True [PINNED] Get a 20 Hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online Now   

    An E-mail application can help you to get more than a 20 hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online. Let's have a try.

    2013-05-22 17:09,15 Comments Free chinese chinese online

  • False [Customs] Chinese Wedding Dress (中式婚礼服装)   

    As we mentioned, red is favorite for all Chinese people for red is considered as good luck that can keep evil spirits away. So you will find the bride and groom wear in red in their wedding part.

    2015-11-30 10:12, clothes chineseclothes

  • False [Customs] Chinese Imperial Dressing (皇族服饰)   

    In ancient feudal society, it is easy for people to be distinguished from his daily dress, especially for the ordinary people and upper-class.

    2015-11-30 10:12, clothes chineseclothes

  • False [Grammar] Usage of Chinese Number   

    Chinese grammar requires the use of classifiers (measure words) when a numeral is used together with a noun to express a quantity. For example, "three people" (三个人sān ge rén),

    2015-08-30 23:23, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Chinese Numerals汉语数字   

    Chinese numerals(汉语数字hànyǔ shùzì) are words and characters used to denote numbers in Chinese. Today speakers of Chinese use three written numeral systems

    2015-08-30 23:10, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Lucky Number(2)   

    The number 5 (五wŭ) is associated with the five elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal) in Chinese philosophy, and in turn was historically associated with the Emperor of China.

    2015-08-30 22:45, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Lucky Number(1)   

    Zero The Number 0 (零líng) is a whole number and it is also an even number for the money ends with 0.

    2015-08-30 22:35, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Combinations with Chinese Number(2)   

    7456: In Mandarin, 7456 (七四五六qī sì wǔ liù) sounds marginally like "氣死我了" (qì sǐ wǒ le, "to make me angry," "to piss me off"), and is sometimes used in internet slang.

    2015-08-30 22:30, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Combinations with Chinese Number(1)   

    28, 38: As eight means prosperity, twenty eight equates to 'double prosperity', though most Chinese people will typically just read this as "easy to have luck",

    2015-08-30 22:25, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Eight八   

    The word for "eight" (八bā) sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth" (發fā)– often paired with "發財" during Chinese New Years, but is used alone or paired with numerous ot

    2015-08-30 22:09, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Four四   

    The number 4 is omitted in some Chinese buildings. Number 4 (四/肆; sì) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death" (死sǐ).

    2015-08-30 20:59, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Nine九   

    The number 9 (九jiŭ), was historically associated with the Emperor of China, and the number was frequently used in matters relating to the Emperor

    2015-08-30 20:54, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Five五   

    The number 5 (五wŭ) is associated with the five elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal) in Chinese philosophy, and in turn was historically associated with the Emperor of China.

    2015-08-30 18:12, numbers chinese

  • False [Customs] Seven七   

    The number 7 (七qī) symbolizes "togetherness" in Chinese. It is a lucky number for relationships. It is also recognized as the luckiest number in the West, and is one of the rare numbers that is

    2015-08-30 18:11, numbers chinese

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    一、暨南大学 1. 邵敬敏《现代汉语通论》 2. 叶蜚声、徐通锵《语言学纲要》 3. 刘珣《对外汉语教育学引论》 4. 程裕祯《中国文化要略》 5. 张岱年《中国文化概论》

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