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  • True [PINNED] Get a 20 Hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online Now   

    An E-mail application can help you to get more than a 20 hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online. Let's have a try.

    2013-05-22 17:09,12 Comments Free chinese chinese online

  • False [Customs] Chinese Plant: Shihu   

    The Shihu(石斛Shíhú) is touted as being of therapeutic benefit, serving to strengthen the stomach and bones, replenish the kidneys, and prolong(to prolong something means to make it last longer

    2014-09-21 07:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Make sense of the universe   

    The Five is a key number in traditional Chinese philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine(中药zhōngyào), which are related in a comprehensive system emphasizing harmony(the harmony of somethi

    2014-09-20 07:00, culture

  • False [Customs] The Maternity Practices in East vs the West   

    The Kim Lee(李阳Lǐ Yáng) received many presents to celebrate the birth of her daughter three years ago, but a battered old silk-covered journal remains the most sacred(something that is sacred

    2014-09-19 06:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Talk about Beauty   

    Pulse light-wave therapy is one of the most effective skincare techniques - it safely and effectively reduces a variety of skin conditions, like sunspots(sunspots are dark cool patches that appea

    2014-09-18 10:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Royal Beauty Secrets in China   

    Every morning the Empress Dowager Cixi applied face powder made up of pearls and skin cream made of flower distillate(a purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling; th

    2014-09-17 07:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Chinese Festival   

    With its long history of 5000 years,China boasts a profound culture with rich and diverse traditional festivals,which are formed after a long-term process of historical and culture sediment.

    2014-09-16 07:00, culture Chinese

  • False [Vocabulary] 2014年9月14日中国汉字听写大会题目(第十场)   

    本文系2014年9月14日20:00 CCTV-1 直播的第二届中国汉字听写大会复赛第十场 ,本文是2014中国汉字听写大会第十期题目和解析

    2014-09-15 16:31, 汉字听写 听写大会

  • False [Customs] Chinese Pandas   

    Seen as "national treasure of China"as well as a symbol of peace,panda is an endangered mammal winning great attention from all over the world.

    2014-09-15 07:00, culture Chinese

  • False [Customs] Chinese Tea   

    In China nowadays,tea still plays an important role in people's daily life especially at home,restaurants and teahouses.Generally,elders are fond of the traditional tea-making for leisure and the

    2014-09-14 07:00, culture Chinese

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Homemade red pepper   

    Cuisine: Sichuan cuisine Flavor: Chili Peppers Practice: Pickles Diet: Other

    2014-09-13 08:00, Chinese Food

  • False [Customs] Bottoms Up   

    Drinking games are a popular pastime(a pastime is something that you do in your spare time because you enjoy it or are interested in it), have a long tradition in China. The following are some ex

    2014-09-12 10:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Drinking with a single draught   

    Drinking in the China is not only about pleasure, it has much to do about respect, self一affirmation(自我肯定zìwǒ kěndìng), friendship and the perpetuation of traditions. In China, no wedding

    2014-09-11 08:00, culture

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Yu-Shiang Eggplant   

    Homemade fish smelling Eggplant belonging to Sichuan cuisine recipes, main raw material is long Eggplant; process is fried, difficulty making simple.

    2014-09-10 08:00, Chinese Food

  • False [Food] Famous Choujiu in China   

    The Choujiu is a type of Chinese fermented alcoholic beverage(a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent) brewed from glutinous(something that is glutinous is very sticky) rice.

    2014-09-10 08:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Talk about the tea for tranquillity   

    The Cha dao(茶道chádào) is a way of socializing, or it can be useful for meditation(meditation is the act of thinking about something very carefully and deeply for a long time) and reflection.

    2014-09-09 15:00, culture

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Boiled fish fillets   

    Cuisine: Sichuan cuisine Flavor: Spicy Practice: Boiled Diet: Invigorating the spleen and wheting

    2014-09-09 08:00, Chinese Food

  • False [Customs] Tea for tranquillity in China   

    Tea leaf may weigh next to nothing, but dedicated tea drinkers say it can bring pleasure and peace, in a respite(a respite is a short delay before a very unpleasant or difficult situation which m

    2014-09-08 07:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Classic of Tea in China   

    The IT goes without saying that tea is one of the symbols of China, a necessary part of Chinese people's daily life and an essential part of the Chinese culture(中国文化Zhōngguó wénhuà).

    2014-09-07 14:00, culture

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Shredded beef   

    Shredded beef are home-style recipes, the main ingredient is beef, process is mixed, is not difficult.

    2014-09-07 09:00, Chinese Food

  • False [Customs] Wu Youke of China   

    The Wu Youke(吴又可Wú Yòukě) (1582-1652 A.D.) -- Wu developed the concept(an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances) that some diseases were caused by the "transm

    2014-09-06 11:00, culture