One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "出".


出 chū  
Explanation: go out; come out
Phrases: 出差(chū chāi) be on business  出发(chū fā) set out
这个字由两部分构成;下半部是一条弧形,代表门口( );上半部是脚和脚趾头的形状( ),意思是说这只脚要踏出家门工作去了,后又引申为“超过,生产”的意思。记住,这个字不是两座重叠的山!
The original character出is a combination of two parts: the lower part is a line which curves upwards indicating a doorway or a cave-dwelling( );the upper part is a foot with the toe pointing upwards( ), implying the foot moving across threshold of the door or cave-dwelling. the original meaning of the character was “to go out” or “to come out”; later it extended to mean “exceed”, “produce”, etc.  


1. Wǒ jīngcháng qù Běijīng chūchāi.
    I often go to Beijing on business.

2.Cóng shíjì chūfā
    take reality as one's starting point