One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "妇".

妇 fù  
Explanation:married woman
Phrases:妇女(fù nǚ) married woman  ; 少妇(shǎo fù) young married woman
原先这字是由“女”( )字和帚( )字组成的,就像手持着扫帚的妇女留在家里做家务的模样。“妇”( )当时就是指在家从事事务劳动的女人 .
From early inscriptions of this character found on oracle bones, we can see that on the left halt of the pictograph there is something like a broom or duster( ), while the right half derives from the character for woman( ) .The idea thereby expressed is that a woman with a broom or duster in hand is a married woman.           


1.Zhèjiā de bāngyōng shì gè qínkuài de zhōng nián fùnǚ.
    The family has hired a very hard-working middle-aged woman as a domestic servant.

2.Zhùzài nàzuò fángzǐlǐde fūfù hěnshǎo chūqù.
   The couple who live in that house rarely go out.