Growing up with Chinese(成长汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. This series teaches 300 of the most commonly spoken Chinese phrases to teenagers. It is hosted by Charlotte MacInnis, known to the Chinese audiences as Ai Hua.

Key words:
牛 niú:cow
牛 niú:cool
嫌 xián:to express dissatisfaction
假如 jiǎrú:if
拉弓 lā gōng:to draw your bow
控制 kòngzhì:to control
上箭 shàng jiàn:to notch your arrow
称职 chènzhí:to fill a post with credit
多亏 duōkuī:thanks to
怒发冲冠 nùfàchōngguàn:to bristle with anger
电脑程序 diànnǎo chéngxù:computer program