Saliva chicken ingredients: chicken;

Steamed chicken with chili sauce ingredients: peanut, ginger, garlic, cucumbers, onions, chili oil, peanut butter;

Saliva chicken approach:

1. the chicken and cook until 7 matures, rushed out of the pot with cold water and bleaching 1 minutes, cool, cut into pieces, the standby.

2. dicing cucumbers, ready for the appropriate amount of chilli oil, garlic, alternate.

3. place garlic into the Pan, salt, chicken powder, a small amount of sugar and mix well;

4. pepper oil added to the already prepared in a material mix, then add cumin powder, toss. Alternate.

5. gently stir sauce on chicken above, let the juice in uniform penetrated into chicken.

6. finally, crushed peanut, and sprinkled on the surface of the chicken with coriander, onions. You're done!

Warm Tip:

1. for convenience, bottled goods bought chili oil. But remember must be DIY materials are the best and most healthy buy ready-made can only settle for second.

2. garlic and dinner, types of oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, pepper, chilli oil more than 7, and auxiliary material left behind after the last to join the chicken soup, remember to cool after the accession

Eat healthy:

Essence of chicken with wenzhong Qi, tonifying deficiency and the efficacy of invigorating the spleen and stomach, strong live blood, bones and tendons. Green, sweet red pepper crusted tuna size digestibilities, Lima Bean grain can provide adequate amounts of vitamins to pregnant women. The whole dish crispy spicy and sour taste, color, colorful, and appetite.

Food taboos:

Pheasant, turtle and chicken cream, mustard, Plum, carp, Carassius auratus and rabbit meat, shrimp, Sesame, chrysanthemums and bulb, edible;

Food poisoning with chrysanthemum;

And with fresh plums, rabbit meat, can cause diarrhea;

Food will put fire with mustard.