Raw material for homemade Red Pepper: red pepper crusted tuna;

Homemade red pepper ingredient: garlic, ginger;

Self-made with red pepper sauce: salt, sugar, high-flavor liquor;

Homemade red pepper approach:

1. preparing the materials. Clean drain water pepper, spread dry thoroughly dried pepper water on the surface of, or surface moisture of dried pepper, remember that can't have water on the surface of the pepper.

2. the pedicled with dry pepper to chop, not chopped too fine (cutting boards and knives sterilization in advance and without oil and water).

3. cut the garlic, ginger, and detritus.

4. good chopped pepper, ginger and garlic in a clean and free of oil in a large tub of water, adding salt and sugar mix.

5. mixing evenly.

6. Mount hot boiling water disinfection in advance and without oil and water containers.

7. sealed in a cool room temperature for one night, make it ferment, then placed in the refrigerator can be eaten cold storage in about 7 days.

8. complete.

Warm Tip:

1. small red pepper, Super spicy family can pick to do, or join several in it.

2. in the process of making sure no oil-free water, or perishable. When foraging with red pepper also require no water-no clean spoons of oil.

3. alcohol can play a role in enhancing aroma, anti-corrosion.

4. made without preservatives, so the best cold storage, food as soon as possible.

Eat healthy:

Pepper is rich in vitamins, eat Chili, can increase appetite, strength, improve afraid of cold, frostbite, vascular headaches and other symptoms. Containing a substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism, promoting the secretion of hormones, healthy skin. Rich in vitamin c, you can control the heart disease and coronary sclerosis, lower cholesterol. Contain more antioxidants, may help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Respiratory tract unimpeded, for the treatment of cough and colds. Pepper also restrain stomach can kill internal parasites.

Food taboos:

Pepper and carrot grams (not with fresh, lower nutritional value)

Pepper and pumpkin grams (not food distribution will undermine Vc)

Pig and pepper CA: containing copper and iron in the liver to make vitamin c to dehydroascorbic acid oxide have lost their original function.