Beijing has a time-honored history of producing various kinds of snacks. With strong local flavors, Beijing's snacks attract almost all visitors.

Snacks of Beijing can fall into three varieties: Han, Hui and imperial snacks, which are generally prepared by steaming, deep frying, frying in shallow oil, and instant boiling. Some people regard snacks of Beijing as "living fossils."

Now snack restaurants can be found all over Beijing, such as Longfusi and Huguosi snack counters.

Longfusi Snack street: Here you can enjoy many delicacies while strolling leisurely. All snacks of China gatheer here. Snacks of authentic Beijing style come from no others but Baikui Laohao where offers authentic soymilk, fried dough , Luzhu and diversified barbecues. It's a very typical Muslim restaurant getting more blossoming when the night curtain falls. The 100m-long snack stall form a hot scene. Stall-keepers hawk one after anther. Just buy some sausage or fried squid costing from 2 to 5 Yuan.

Wangfujing Snack Street: As the curtain of night falls, diners gather here, among whom are a larger number of foreigners. Prices are not too low of course. Dazzling snacks from all corners of the land gather at here. If wanna have a seat to enjoy your food more comfortably, you might go to Sun Plaza Restaurant at 5th Floor as well.

Gui Jie: Don't be frightened by this name. Actually, the name of this street originates from that it is a round-the-clock food street. More late at night, more hot here. If you are a night owl too, just come here. Take a seat and eat something while chatting to spend the long night as a strange visitor at a strange land. Stores here not so large but suitable for several friends drinking together and chatting quite well. Though with dated furnishing, they always have several dishes of everlasting aftertaste. Spicy Crab and Poached Fish in Pungent Sauce are eternally famous dishes yet. In summer, you can also go to the Yiyuan Restaurant. Under the umbrages in a Siheyuan with the moonlight overhead, it looks more like a grand party. Inside and outside of the restaurant flow courteous greetings of waiters and sweet smell of delicacies. Hungary at night ? Do not put yourself to a great inconvenience. Go to the Gui Jie directly by a taxi, and then, all is ok.

Donghuamen Night Snack Street: Situated at the entrance of north street of Wangfujing, Donghuamen Night Snack Street is the most famous one in Beijing, but also foreign visitors also enjoy it. Currently, stroll this street has been the reserved program. At night, the flavored foods and voice of huckster had been a bright spot in Beijing evening.