In summer, Chinese likes to eat cold noodles. On June 21st, people across the Northern hemisphere celebrate the longest day and shortest night of the year, but residents of China also observe an ancient tradition—eating noodles!?The old saying really sums it up: “the days start to get shorter after eating noodles” (吃过夏至面,一天短一线。Chīguò xiàzhìmiàn , yì tiān duǎn yí xiàn). ?Sales of nutritious cold noodles will hit the roof as people take steps to improve their eating habits during the summer solstice, known here as “Xiazhi.” Another saying, “eat dumplings for the winter solstice and eat noodles for the summer solstice” (冬至馄饨夏至面。Dōnɡzhì húntun Xiàzhìmiàn.) should be a reminder. Like many Chinese holidays, this festival has ancient, agricultural roots. Long ago, fresh harvests would be ceremoniously offered to the gods at this time of year. And though we may not be farmers, we can still recognize this annual cycle, this changing of seasons, in our own way—by reverentially eating a bowl of noodles.