Great Heat/Major Heat

The “Great Heat” represents the hottest days in the year. It arrives on July 23 or 24when the sun reaches the celdaestial longitude of 120 degrees. It’s a season with the highest temperature, where the crops grow fastest and the most frequent time fordrought, waterlogging and windy weather. After this day, firefly comes out, soil getsmore and more humid and heavy thunderstorm comes from time to time. The daysaround the “Great Heat” witness the blossom season of jasmines and lotuses. At thistime of the year, many tourists and photographers go to the park and enjoy the lotusexhibition.
Traditional Customs
There are two very contradictory customs in China for “Great Heat”, one is to eat foodwith cold nature and the other is to eat food with hot nature. In south-east of Hunanprovince, there is the tradition of eating “bean jelly grass”. It has special effect forrelieving the summer heat. However, in Fujian province, people eat leechee and lambto spend “Great Heat”. In middle and north of Hunan, people eat young chicken. Theybelieve that eating food with hot nature can drive away the dampness.
Healthy Living Tips
People should eat more seasonal vegetables including towel gourd, broccoli andeggplant. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you should eat pumpkin, whichis full of vitamins, protein and amino acid.