Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)(上海交通大学:Shànɡhǎi Jiāotōnɡ Dàxué), directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education(教育部:Jiàoyùbù), is a key university in China, jointly run by the Ministry and Shanghai Municipality.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University formerly the Nang Yang Public School(南洋公学:Nányánɡ Gōnɡxué) was founded in 1896 by Mr. SHENG Xuanhuai(盛宣怀:Shènɡ Xuānhuái). It is one of the oldest universities in China. The University, through its century-long history, has nurtured large numbers of outstanding figures and made significant contributions to the thriving and prosperity of the nation and the development of science and technology. Of all the academicians of China's Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, more than 200 are the alumni of Jiao Tong University.

Today SJTU boasts 20 academic schools: the schools of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical & Power Engineering, Electronics & Electric Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Sciences, Life Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Science, Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Management , International and Public Affairs, Foreign Languages, Agriculture and Biology, Environmental Science and Engineering , Pharmaceutics, Medical, Law, Media & Design, Micro-electronics, Information Security, Software and 2 directly affiliated departments: Department of Plastic Technology and the Department of Physical Education, plus a Graduate School. Besides, it also has School of Continuing (adult) Education, School of Online Learning, School of International Education, and a Vocational School. There are 60 undergraduate programs, 152 masters-degree programs, 93 Ph.D programs, 16 post-doctorate programs, 16 State key doctorate programs and 14 State key laboratories and National engineering centers.