was born in 2001. Our website focuses on providing professional and effective online interactive platform as well as comprehensive information service for foreign language learning. The company has been developing at an impressive 200% speed, and has 500 full-time employees and 2000 part-time employees at present. is also the only Internet education enterprise in Shanghai with the modern distance education qualification, which is issued directly by Ministry of Education. Being a combination of foreign language portal media, long-distance learning system, B2C e-commerce and SNS online learning community, Hujiang has developed dozens of cross-platform learning mobile applications, in several foreign languages including English, Japanese, French, Korean, etc., local dialects like Shanghai dialect and Cantonese, as well as Chinese for foreigners.

As the leading corporation in online learning industry around the country, has grown into a scale of 200 million users, tens of millions of registered members, and millions of online students. The age group of learners is from 3 to 70 years old. Hujiang commits the responsibility of developing internet education, constructing online learning platform, organizing professional teaching staff, and providing studying resources of high quality. With its own platform advantage, works with cooperation partners from different fields to provide learners with rich and various services. has been actively and persistently promoting the education industry in China into a future of broader network digitalization.

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