The Wan Brothers (万氏兄弟,Wànshì xiōngdì) were born in the early 20th century in Nanjing, China. They became the founders and pioneers of the Chinese animation industry and made the first Asian animation feature-length film, Princess Iron Fan in 1941. By 1935 the Wan Brothers would launch the first animation with sound titled The Camel’s Dance.
The era in which the Wan brothers operated was a very challenging one for building an industry. China would endure the Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II and the Cultural Revolution. They also made the famous cartoon animation, Havoc in Heaven.
The brothers
Wan Laiming 万籁鸣 Wàn Làimíng
Wan Guchan 万古蟾 Wàn Gǔchán
Wan Chaochen 万超尘 Wàn Chāochén
Wan Dihuan 万涤寰 Wàn Díhuán