Chinese sauerkraut fish belonging to the Sichuan dishes, main raw materials are grass carp and pickled cabbage; process boiled, delicate fish, sauerkraut and delicious, fish soup is delicious, and it is not difficult to make, Oh!

Sauerkraut fish ingredients: fresh water fish, sauerkraut 1 bag of 1 article;

Ingredient of sauerkraut fish: pickled peppers 6 capsules, garlic, ginger, star anise 1 1 small block 3 flap, Sichuan peppercorns 1 small particle size 10, dry Chili, coriander root and egg-1 of 1 grain, 1 tablespoon of starch, salt, sugar, and cooking wine 1 spoon one-second spoon three teaspoons, white pepper one-second teaspoon.

Sauerkraut fish approach:

1. place the fish on the chopping board, take a sharp knife-sharp flat tablets from the fish into the fish, fish bone stuck in the middle of the fish, and then flip to the other side of the fish; the down on the large flat fish in foil, cutter and foil a 45 degree angle of the knife, slice fish alternate;

Actually this steps full without own hands-on, you to markets buy fish, you can hawking fish of help you cut good, knife workers that is without more said of, however you to own in there at was, you can with he said semi incision, to middle of fish bone out to cut segment, then fish on slice, general they on knows cut of direction, cut good zhihou of fish not has many Thorn, thorn also is easy pick out.

2. the inward redeployment to the salted fish material cut fish meat, gently with her hands to grasp, preserves 15 minutes;

Salted fish material: egg white 1 grain, 1 tablespoon of starch, salt, sugar, and cooking wine 1 spoon one-second spoon three teaspoons, white pepper one-second teaspoon.

3. wash the pickled cabbage cut into small, garlic and Ginger cut into pieces, dried pepper cut into segments;

4. pour the pot slightly more than the cooking oil burning to 70% hot, and then into a 1 and a half of pepper and chilli above choked pan, smell out and then add garlic, ginger and star anise, pickled peppers and cut pork fried together;

5. after the smell of pickled Chinese cabbage fried, joined about 1 liter of clean water and then put tick on the fish head and fish bone under cover before lid turn smolder boil 15 minutes after the fire boiled until thick soup;

Warm Tip:

1. making sauerkraut fish fish the best selection of freshwater fish such as grass carp, fleshy mouthfeel will be better;

2. when the fish knife must be fast, prior had better milling cutter grinder, twice;

3. when salted fish and egg white will taste more delicate fish, but also has a small disadvantage is that will make the soup a little cloudy, if the measures for the good of all, please speak out and share and add a little sugar, I think it would make meat more delicious to eat;

4. be sure not to burn too long, hot fish time, generally see the color almost, old the meat is not fresh over time;

5. dressed in their proposed use pot to benefit: after eating soup and pickled cabbage usually will have some left, buy tofu comes back in a second day of cooking, is a very delicious dishes, Oh;

Eat healthy:

Grass carp:

Grass carp taste of Gan, temperature, non-toxic, into the liver, stomach; has a warm, flat reduction in the stomach and liver-Yang and dispelling wind, treatment of BI, effect of the prevention of malaria, nourishing bowel out eyes; attending virtual Dr, wind headache, liver-Yang hyperactivity, hypertension, headache, chronic malaria;


Pickled cabbage only occasionally eaten, if long belly, it may cause urinary system calculus. In addition, during the Sauerkraut, pickled, vitamin c is a large amount of damage, the body if a lack of vitamin c, causes the inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal deposition in the kidney and reduce stone formation ability,

Too much food containing nitrite sauerkraut, the hemoglobin in the blood into a losing high hemoglobin with oxygen function to make red blood cells lose the ability to carry oxygen, leading to tissue hypoxia occurs cyanotic skin and lips, headache symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness, mental confusion, also died in severe cases.

Moldy sauerkraut of significant carcinogenicity, inedible.

Food taboos:

Grass carp: most people are edible;

Pickles: pickled cabbage not suitable and persimmon with fresh, can lead to Gastric bezoars.