Approved by the State Council of China, the Changchun Film Festival is an international film festival recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (国际电影制片人联合会 guójì diànyǐng zhìpiànrén liánhéhuì). Activities during the event include the appraisal of films, the exhibition of Chinese and foreign films, the trade fair of films and scripts, a review exhibition of renowned artists, seminars and celebration parties.

Initiated in 1992, China Changchun Film Festival is a biennial national level film festival. With the theme of friendship, exchange and development, the organizing committee invites renowned artists and theorists from film circles at home and abroad to form the appraisal committee. They will decide on awards for Chinese films and foreign language films that participate in the competition. Awards comprise a "Golden Deer Cup (金鹿杯 Jīnlù Bēi)" and a "Silver Deer Cup (银鹿杯 Yínlù Bēi)".

The Changchun Film Festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Broadcasting, Film and Television of China, Jilin provincial government, and Changchun municipal government, and organized by Changchun municipal government, the Film Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Broadcasting, Film and Television, Jilin Cultural Center, China Film Publishing, Distribution, Importing and Exporting Corporation, China Film Co-production Corporation, and Changchun Film Studio.

With a spreading influence, the Changchun Film Festival effectively promotes local cultural development, the development of China's film industry, and the exchange of film culture between China and other countries.