The report on the work of the government.

二、2014年工作总体部署 II. General Work Arrangements for 2014


carry out reform and innovation in all areas of economic and social development


maintain continuity and stability of our macroeconomic policies;

增强调控的前瞻性针对性 make macro-control more forward-oriented and targeted;

全面深化改革 comprehensively deepen reform;

不断扩大开放 constantly expand opening up

实施创新驱动 drive development through innovation;


keep to the new path of industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization with distinctive Chinese features;


accelerate transformation of the growth model, structural adjustments, and industrial upgrading;

加强基本公共服务体系建设 strengthen the development of the basic public service system;

着力保障和改善民生 ensure and improve people's wellbeing;

切实提高发展质量和效益 raise the quality and returns of development;


promote socialist economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological advancement;


achieve sound and sustained economic development and social harmony and stability.

国内生产总值增长7.5%左右 Increase GDP by about 7.5%,

居民消费价格涨幅控制在3.5%左右 keep the rise in the CPI at around 3.5%

城镇新增就业1000万人以上 create ten million more urban jobs


ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4.6%

国际收支基本平衡 achieve basic balance in international payments


increase personal incomes in step with economic development


We need to make overall planning for and balance major targets, namely, economic growth, employment, prices and international payments.

要把握好以下原则和政策取向 We should adhere to the following principles and policies:


First, we should create impetus by deepening reform.


Second, we should keep economic performance within a proper range.


Third, we should work hard to raise the quality and returns of development, promote industrial upgrading and keep improving people's wellbeing.


Reform has brought us the greatest benefits.

政绩考核评价体系 the system for evaluating officials' performance


We will improve the system for evaluating officials' performance and get everyone involved in a common endeavor to accelerate transformation of the growth model, make structural adjustment and achieve sound development.

更有效率、更加公平、更可持续 more efficient, equitable and sustainable.


This will steadily increase employment and personal incomes, improve the environment, and make China's economic and social development more efficient, equitable and sustainable.

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