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Proverbs and Poems in Frost's Descent

Every year around October 23rd comes the beginning of Frost’s Descent, the last solar term of autumn. We can learn some useful Proverbs and Poems in Frost's Descent.
[1] The Moon on a Cold Night
[2] Interesting Meteorological Knowledge in Proverbs
[3] Shanxing
[4] Farm Sayings about Frost’s Descent
[5] Talking about the Phase without Frost

The Moon on a Cold Night
by Li Shangyin
“When people can hear the sound of wild geese, the cicada stops tweeting;
I climb up to a high building and look far into the distance, seeing the water and sky merge into one;
The deity of snow and frost, Qing Nv, and the goddess of the moon, Chang’e are not afraid of the cold;
They are still competing with each other to see who is more beautiful.”

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