Hebei Province: It’s time to harvest soybeans and plant late season wheat in the Frost’s Descent period. People plant more spinach and rape to bring an early harvest next spring.

Xinjiang Province: The weather turns cold in October due to the arrival of Cold Dew and Frost’s Descent. Frost appears in early October in northern Xinjiang, and during the Frost’s Descent period in southern Xinjiang.

Jiangsu Province: There is no green (unripe) rice in Cold Dew and harvests should be done during Frost’s Descent.

Anhui Province: Harvests should be finished by Cold Dew and it’s time to turn the soil during Frost’s Descent.

Hunan Province: When Frost’s Descent comes in October, it’s time to harvest late season rice and sweet potatoes.

Fujian Province: Cold Dew and Frost’s Descent both come in October, and rice becomes ripe. It’s time to store plenty of fertilizer and prepare for winter planting.