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  • [Customs] Small Puppet

    Life of a small puppet(小木偶xiăo mùŏu) is given by its performer. Being pulled up and down, the small puppet gets its expression and movements.

    2014-02-13 11:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Local music of Shanghai

    The Traditional Shanghai music diversifies in variety: based on an abundance of folk ballads(a long song or poem which tells a story in simple language) and operas, the music has blended in folk

    2014-02-12 11:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Acrobatics in Tang Dynasty

    300-year period in Chinese history from the Wei and Jin Dynasty (220-420) to the Southern and Northern Dynasty(386-581), witnessed great social turmoil(state of confusion, disorder, uncertainty,

    2014-02-10 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Folk dance of the Dai people

    Folk dances of the 840,000 Dai Ethnic Group(傣族Dăizú) enjoy not only wide popularity but great diversity. Most of them imitate the movements of subtropical(subtropisch; the places have a clima

    2014-02-09 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Stool dance of the Miao ethnic group

    Inhabitant of the Chinese Miao Ethnic Group(苗族Miáozú), dwelling in southeast Guizhou Province, enjoy many ancient and distinctive traditions. A couple of favorite customs are playing lusheng

    2014-02-08 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Andai Dance

    In North China, there live the Chinese herdsmen(a man who looks after a herd of animals such as cattle or goats) -- the Mongolian ethnic minority. They love the grassland, love dancing and singin

    2014-02-07 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Moonlight dance of A'xi

    Yi ethnic group(彝族Yízú) has many branches. Some still live in extremely cold areas and their dances vary. The Moonlight Dance of Axi, popular in Lunan and Mile of Yunnan.

    2014-02-06 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Hair Swinging Dance

    The Gaoshan people are good at singing and dancing ever from the ancient times. Almost all the dinners, get-togethers or big activities cannot do without the lyrical and leidenschaftlich dance an

    2014-02-05 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Uygur music in Xinjiang

    Most celebrated music in Xinjiang(新疆Xīnjiāng) today is Uygur folk music(维吾尔族民间音乐Wéiwúěr zú mínjiān yīnyuè), which has inherited the fine traditions of the ancient music of Qiu

    2014-02-04 11:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Melody from exotic land - talk about folk musical instruments of Hui people

    In western China, Ningxia(宁夏Níngxià) is located on the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River. It is known for its lush fields(lush fields or gardens have a lot of very healthy grass or

    2014-02-03 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] About Yazhou Folk Song

    The Yazhou folk song(崖州民歌Yázhōu mín'gē) is one of the ancient styles of Hainan folk song. It is popular in Sanya, Huangliu Village of Ledong County and the affiliated territory to ancient

    2014-02-01 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] About Xingshan Folk Song

    The Xingshan folk song distributes at all villages and towns of Xingshan County and their around areas to the east, south and north. Because of its unique "Xingshan Third Interval", it is named "

    2014-01-31 11:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Hero-praising Dance in China

    The Hero-praising dance also can be called "Eagle Song". It's a kind of folk square dancing integrating dance, essential of southern style boxing, Chinese acting and opera. Its performance manner

    2014-01-30 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Yichang Stringed and Woodwind Instrumental Music in China

    The famous Yichang stringed and woodwind instrumental music(宜昌丝竹乐器Yíchāng sīzhú yuèqì) is unique among all the folk instrumental music in Hubei Province,China.

    2014-01-29 11:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] About Official Umbrella Dancing

    In this article, we will discuss the famous "Official Umbrella Dancing", the Official Umbrella originated in the area around Jinzhou in China.

    2014-01-26 12:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Dragon Lantern with Iron Balls of Zanhuang

    Zanhuang Dragon Lantern with Iron Balls赞皇铁球龙灯(Zànhuáng tiě qiú lóng dēng) was learn from the military camp in Baoding by Wang Laoshuang in West Street Village in the 16th day of Emper

    2014-01-25 12:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Changli Chuige in China

    Leading instrument of Changli Chuige(昌黎吹歌Chānglí chuīgē) is the suona horn that is accompanied by a barrel-shaped drum and a set of earthen bowls. And in a big performance, the national i

    2014-01-24 12:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Nanpi Laozi in China

    “Laozi”, which is very well received by the Nanpi natives since it was created by themselves. According to the legend, it has a history of above 150 years. Laozi of Mei School in Yangbazhuang b

    2014-01-23 12:00:01+0800
  • [Customs] Chinese Shadow Play

    On March 24, 2009 -- Shadow play(皮影戏píyǐngxì), a traditional Chinese folk art with a history of more than 2,000 years, has embarked on a revival path after a period of marked decline, thank

    2014-01-22 12:00:00+0800
  • [Customs] Dance on stick

    Dance on stick(舞棍wǔgùn), which has a long history and well-known in the China. A lot of foreigner go to China(usually go to the north China’s city) to see this special and interesting perfor

    2014-01-21 12:00:01+0800